In-person workshops located in The Woodlands, TX, Chicago IL, and West Des Moines IA. This training utilizes an interactive teaching method that includes group discussions, roleplay, and performance evaluations to simulate real world scenerios and develop the skills to improve the customer experience and dealership revenue.


F&I Professionals

A 5-day interactive course for financial service managers of all experience levels that will help improve their sales and leadership skills while also developing an exceptionally profitable and legal F&I presentation. Items covered will be F&I processes, increasing PVR, product knowledge, compliant practices, mobile and virtual transactions, customer objections, menu presentation, and more.


F&I Masters

A 3-day course that is designed for financial service managers who have successfully mastered the techniques taught in the Professionals course and are ready to achieve the next level of performance within their position. Items covered will be off-site customers, meeting presentations, video menus, and an intense focus on objection handling, and more.

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Service Advisors

A course for service advisors on how to increase service drive profitability through the use of effective communication on the value of service contracts and proper vehicle maintenance. Items covered are service contracts and maintenance agreements, interviewing with sales aides, verbal and non-verbal communication skills, and more.

Sales Professionals

A 2 day hands-on course where sales professionals develop the skills necessary to meet the demands of today’s customers by focusing on developing a transparent, personalized, and fast buying experience. Attendees will learn what customers expect from the dealership, how to increase their CSI, how recognize where the customer is in the buying process, transitioning from online to offline, and how to build value in their product.

Credit Licensing Class

A 1 day class held in West Des Moines, IA. In this class students will learn basic insurance principles and terms along with specific information regarding credit insurance in order to obtain their Iowa Credit Insurance producers license. They will also gain product knowledge and learn the value credit insurance provides to their customers.