Hawkeye Dealer Services Inc is a d/b/a for Hawkeye Life Insurance Group, Inc. (Hawkeye). Hawkeye is an Iowa domestic life insurance company that was founded by Iowa franchised automobile dealers in 1976. We are located at 5525 Merle Hay Road Ste 285, Johnston Iowa 50131. Hawkeye is owned and managed by current and former franchised auto dealers. Our business is reinsuring credit life and credit accident and health insurance policies issued by a direct writer of the policies and sold by licensed agents to customers of Iowa automotive dealerships. Through our subsidiary, Dealer Agency, LLC, we also act as a marketing agent for vehicle service contracts, GAP, and other products of third party-vendors sold through the F&I department of automotive dealerships. We provide dealership support by offering training, licensing classes, performance evaluation, performance tracking, and income development.

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Hawkeye’s employees consist of a Senior Vice President who functions as its principal executive officer; two field representatives, who provide service and support to the dealerships; and an office manager. Our corporate governance structure consists of a Board of Directors, elected annually by our shareholders, and four board committees, the Audit Committee, the Corporate Governance Committee, the Investment Committee, and the Executive Committee. The Board, which consists of dealers and/or dealership officers, is responsible for managing the business and affairs of Hawkeye and for overseeing and supervising the activities of senior management. The activities of the Board are governed by Hawkeye’s articles of incorporation and its bylaws.